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The most technologically advanced super specialized dentistry clinics in Iran 

Dr. Omid Amiri Nasab has a long background since 2009, updated knowledge and education in dentistry area, and he has established the first VIP dentistry office in Iran. In this dental office, all the dentistry services and applications are provided in a distinguished manner the same as advanced countries of the world. 


Providing different types of advanced dentistry services in Iran 

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Specialized dentistry office of Dr. Omid Amiri Nasab is proud to provide different types of luxury cosmetic dentistry services, dental implant, dental beauty, cad cam, dental laser, smile design, dental restoration, and zirconia restorations for you. If you are willing to use the advanced dentistry services, you should only contact us. The difference of quality and the manner of providing dentistry services will delight you. 

Why should we choose Dr. Omid Amiri Nasab?

Why should we choose Dr. Omid Amiri Nasab?

Why should we choose Dr. Omid Amiri Nasab?
Three major reasons for implant patients to refer to treatment centers of Dr. Amiri Nasab include the following:
1. Long-time background of providing service since 2009
2. Reasonable costs: the lowest rate of dental implants with payment facilities
3. The most technologically advanced hardware: in this implant center, from surgery to prosthesis building is done in a super advanced laboratory, and scan and cutting of prosthesis frame is done by the most advanced prosthesis-special CNC devices which are used in this center for the first time in Iran.

The best implant brands which have the best quality and are the basis of other implants in the world include the following:
1. ITI Strumann- Swiss
2. Zimmer Biomet- America
3. Astra Bioear- Sweden
4. Xive- Germany
5. Biomet 3i- America

The first VIP dentistry office in Iran and the most modern one in the Middle East  You deserve beautiful smile, we will grant that to you (smile implant) Experience dentistry with the ultimate calm and quality   Experience of dentistry in Iran at the same level as the 5 top countries of the world 
The advanced dentistry office of Dr. Omid Amiri Nasab in Qom provides you with luxury and professional dentistry services. Advanced treatment and bone remodeling, immediate implant, cosmetic services, and restoration are our specialty .

The beauty of smile will be more appealing on your face by the updated knowledge and modern tools in dentistry office of Dr. Omid Amiri Nasab. At the moment, you can consult us. 

The set of modern and combined services provided in dentistry office of Dr. Omid Amiri Nasab have created a different and distinguished experience for the patients. We would like to provide you with this valuable experience.  Dear Iranians and patients from other countries deserve experiencing the power of medical knowledge, commitment, and quality provided in dentistry field. 




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